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Discover the Best London Hotel for a Comfortable Family Stay

Updated: Feb 16

This was a great find - especially for our first two nights in Europe. While not in central London, the Hyatt Place London City East is in a fabulous area with little shops and restaurants, easily walkable to many other neighborhood nooks, and has a tube stop (aka underground train station) - Aldgate East - right down the street. It was also close to the double-decker bus tour

There was the most adorable and delicious breakfast place down the street, Dulce Coffee and Kitchen. We ate lunch there on our first day when all of us could barely keep our eyes open. Everything was delicious and it gave us a great start to our trip to eat really good food made with fresh ingredients. Of course, the little ones got sleepy immediately and we decided it would be a good idea for them to take a nap. I know myself well enough to know I can’t “just sleep for a few minutes” - especially when traveling internationally. So, my oldest and I went shopping in London East near our hotel. 

More on dealing with jet lag with kids later - I promise.

In some of our hotels, I booked one room because we could fit. In other hotels, they didn’t offer suite options so I booked two rooms, which is what I did in this hotel in London. I always booked one room with a king bed and one with two twins. I added a crib to the king room for the little guy and requested the rooms be adjoining.

King room
Photo credit: Expedia

We had this flexibility due to the points we hoarded by using our Hyatt credit card for nearly every purchase. Being able to book two rooms and still have points left over? Priceless! If you use my Hyatt card referral link and spend $4,000 in your first six months of membership, you can earn bonus points. As of the publish date of this blog post, the bonus is a whopping 90,000 points, which if you’re like us and don’t need anything fancy, can be six free nights in one of Hyatt’s hotels (many free nights are 15,000 per night at the lower rated hotels that we have found to be very comfortable for families).

Exterior London City East Hyatt
Photo credit: Expedia

In Hyatt Place London City East, they don’t offer adjoining rooms, but they had this little corner area where the two rooms were “joined” by a hallway and a 3rd exterior door that locked and was key operated. This allowed us to close and lock it at night, which meant the girls could share the twin room, and hubby and I could stay in the king room with our little guy. We closed and locked all three doors at night, just in case, but it was nice peace of mind and a great configuration for everyone. 

I greatly appreciated the curtains in the room because they had Velcro and overlapped, which meant the room got pretty dark, even though the street was bright below. The noise from the street was more than expected, but we use a white noise app on our phones as a white noise machine when we travel and it worked great. I also use Calm nightly and love their kid sleep stories to fall asleep. 

The bedrooms were spacious enough to unpack in and still fit all of us when we were hanging out together. The crib (aka pack and play) fit in the room along with the little lounge chair, king bed, desk, etc. so it was quite spacious in the king room. Having two bathrooms was also very helpful both at night and each morning (it was a bit dicey in the places that only had one bathroom, since usually, more than one person has to pee badly when arriving back from sightseeing).

Twin room
Photo credit: Expedia

While we didn’t take advantage of many of the hotel amenities, I can confidently say we’d stay here again. Though we’d also gladly try another Hyatt perhaps a bit more centrally located to save on travel time. That said, the tube is so easy to navigate - even with a stroller that we’d easily stay in London East again. It truly was the best London hotel for us!



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