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Hyatt Paris Airport Hotel Near Disneyland - Best Family Comfort!

Why stay at a Hyatt hotel near the Paris airport? Well, that’s a great question. We decided that we really wanted to visit Disneyland Paris while in Europe and that meant not spending a great deal of time in central Paris. Instead, Disneyland Paris is outside of the city and while you can get there by train, bus, or car, it’s easier and faster if you stay outside the city and avoid traffic. Believe me - you do not want to deal with Paris traffic or navigating Paris roadways any more than you absolutely have to. 

When we looked at options for hotels, there were a variety of decent options and if we had other credit card or hotel chain points of significant value, we would have looked closer to Disneyland Paris. However, our goal was to spend Hyatt points we hoarded from our Hyatt credit card. Hint: If you use my Hyatt card referral link and spend $4,000 in your first six months of membership, you can earn bonus points. As of the publish date of this blog post, the bonus is a whopping 90,000 points, which if you’re like us and don’t need anything fancy, can be six free nights in one of Hyatt’s hotels (many free nights are 15,000 per night at the lower rated hotels that we have found to be very comfortable for families).

For us, the Hyatt House Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport was not only the closest option - it was one of the best configurations we had with the most family amenities! It allowed us to be so much more comfortable during that leg of our trip.

Bedroom suite hotel room
Photo credit: Expedia

The “room” was a one-bedroom suite with a living room that had an eat-in kitchen, pull-out sofa, king bedroom, and large bathroom. The bathroom was so large that it had two showers. Yes, two showers. The jokes our family had about the logic of two showers in the same bathroom were hilarious. While we never found a way to use them simultaneously because that’s…unique…we did enjoy that one had a bathtub for those who still get covered head to toe in whatever they eat. 

The kitchen was stocked with plates, silverware, and most other essentials you’d need. This was great for food we bought or brought with us and I ended up packaging just a little of the dish soap to take with us for the rest of the trip so we could wash our water bottles each night. 

This was also the hotel we’d planned to do laundry at and it worked out very well. While the laundry facilities were hard to find at first, based on the disjointed directions from the hotel staff (go to the 5th floor, turn left, and keep walking until you reach them), we were able to easily do laundry twice during the visit - once at the beginning and once right before leaving. We elected to sit with the laundry for fear of it disappearing, but there were outlets and seats so it was easier to do than you might think.

Photo credit: Expedia

On-site food was good - dinner wasn’t great, but breakfast sure was! The included breakfast was a feast - including all sorts of hot items, pastries, any kind of coffee you could imagine, fruit, and more. We elected to take our breakfast back to our eat-in kitchen upstairs and what we couldn’t finish for breakfast we packed for the park. This is a major reason why you should pack plenty of ziplock bags on a trip like this. Putting a stack of pancakes in a ziplock meant that when the kiddos cried that they were “starrrrrvvvvinggggg” at 9:30 am (yes, they had eaten at 7:30), I could hand them a pancake while in line for a ride. We also used bags to pack croissants, slices of bread, etc. Apples and bananas also traveled well throughout the day in the park. Overall, using leftover breakfast meant we didn’t buy overpriced snacks in the park and could save those funds for souvenirs and one particularly expensive, but memorable and worthwhile dinner in the park. 

One piece of this hotel stay that was not my favorite was the parking, which we did have to pay for. While we qualified for a lower rate, there was clearly enough parking available to make it free for guests and I felt a bit nickel and dimed on this part. Especially after the absolute debacle of renting the car in Paris. It would have been nice to have parking included in the nightly rate.

This hotel was relatively easy to get to and from when traveling each day to Disneyland, though you should plan on extra time during rush hour. In those traffic conditions, it was 40+ minutes. With no traffic (after the evening show on a weekday) we got to our hotel in about 30 minutes, which isn’t bad. Considering the savings, the drive time was a small price to pay. And if selecting this hotel, having your own transportation is a must, since it’s not close to any public transportation and cabs are expensive. The car rental, though an absolute headache, was totally worth it. It allowed us to get to the park when we wanted and leave when we wanted, not being bound to train schedules or taxi availability. It also allowed us to arrange for a toddler car seat and ensure safe transportation.

Would we stay here again if we visit Disneyland Paris again? Probably not, since it is quite far. That said, if you're on a budget and have a ton of Hyatt points - or are flying out of Paris and need to stay near the airport - this is an excellent option you won't regret!



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